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Submitted on
June 8


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edit: you do need to link me to your journal for me to be able to put you on the participants list umf !!

ahhh woop woop i've decided to do a design contest because wow
i'm so bad at designing :"D

so please please join !! ;w;

theme !!
going along with my username, and pretty much my personality i'd like to get a canine character with a sleepy, slow, or harmless theme uwu 
whether you'd like to do a soft cute character or a grumpy sleep deprived one is completely your choice, i'd love to see all your ideas !!

how to enter !!
- be a watcher of mine, and make sure to look out for further updates on the contest !
- favourite this journal so i can keep track of who'll take part nwn 
- make a journal/poll about this contest ! 
- i will be checking whether you've done these things when i judge the entries !! ;v;

everyone is welcome to enter, and any art type is welcome, whether it's pixels, fullbodies, painting, whatever !

rules !
-please don't use linearts ! i won't judge you on your art ability, but on the design c:
-no tracing, stealing designs etc.
-you may make as many entries as you like !
-have fun at it !!
-please have a feral version ! i don't mind if you'd like to add an anthro, but unfortunately i can't draw them so a feral version is necessary !!
-i may call the content off if not enough people have entered or if the designs are not what i'm looking for /o/

what i like in designs
-simple, clear, unique characters
-slow, sleepy, harmless creatures
-cute stuff
-quite natural designs
-at the same time i do love cute colourful designs though !!
-mostly white/offwhite designs !
-slight abnormalitites such as unusual tails, extra eyes etc.
-hybrids !
-characters with personality, whether it's accessories, items, characteristics !
-soft sleepers, but also grumpy characters !
-sweaters ! and cute clothes overall nwn
-male characters 

what i dislike in designs
-sparkle dogs
-designs which are too complicated
-designs which are trending, and don't stand out 
-cat designs (sorry !!)
-colours which clash and don't harmonize well , for example putting bright oranges and greens together
-too many colours
-dark, depressing designs
-neon colours 

prizes !!
1st place:
-3,000 points
-any 5 pieces of art from myself, including traditional, pixel, custom designs, full bodies etc.
-1 fullbody from AClDlC
-1 chibi anthro from LinethMcCharl

2nd place:
-1,000 points 
-any 3 pieces of art from me, as above
-1 fullbody from AClDlC
-1 chibi anthro from LinethMcCharl

3rd place:
-500 points
-any 2 pieces of art from me, as above
-1 fullbody from AClDlC

places 4-10:
-100 points each
-1 pixel from me 

deadline is currently 08/08/14, but can be changed and altered !!

(if you'd like to contribute prizes i'd be more than happy to let you nwn )
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Ariana4484 Featured By Owner Jul 21, 2014  Student Artist…
done but mine is not digital dose it have to be digital
Painting-Puppies Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
guess the link broke oh well…
broizy Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
caan i post in stash?
ghost--scarves Featured By Owner Jun 17, 2014
and lay down the quilt upon the lawn by ghost--scarves
ill probably make another entry bc idk about this one ; o ;
Tourists Featured By Owner Jun 13, 2014  Student General Artist
Tourists Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014  Student General Artist
ZombieMutt13 Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2014   General Artist
Will post a ink to my entry once it's done c:
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